Empowering Educators with Technology

Technology is rapidly bridging the gap between students and educators. Digital transformation is transforming every industry and it is remodelling education industry quite dramatically. Investment in EdTech companies is increasing.

According to a report*published by Metaari – Advanced Learning Technology Research company, published a breathtaking global investment of $9.56 billion in the previous year in global education technology.

Recognizing the importance of technology for education isn’t limited to investors alone. Modern-day educators and students are seeking reliable solutions that can enhance their digital learning experience whilst reducing higher education fees.

Globally, students expect their institutes to upgrade their digital learning possibilities making it easier for them to engage with modern learning resources. The demand for better e-learning technology is growing. For organizations, there’s a need to upgrade their digital resources, failing which, they might lose admitting new students and grow.

Moreover, the lack of proper technology forces teachers to use a mixture of traditional and inadequate digital support causing educators to lose interest in giving education. To ensure teachers do not quit, technology is empowering them to change the way students learn and come up with new and better ideas.

How is technology empowering educators?

Let’s take an example of a teacher who uses a software on a digital device to set homework for students. A push notification pops-up on their mobile phones when they receive an assignment. It is easier for them to access course content and interact with fellow students and the teacher through the software. Students who were absent too can access the course content and complete assignments.

The above example indicates that days of set curriculums, chalk and blackboards are long gone. Technology empowers educators to unlock boundaries, promote learning, and encourage teamwork within and outside the classroom. Through technology, educators can foster the creativity students need to create value in the modern world.

E-learning technology enhances the effectiveness of instructors to reach more students at a relatively lower cost. Cost-effective solutions better the chances of educating low-income communities across the world, through smartphones, computers, or tablets.

Technology is opening new avenues for education and it is translating learning into an engaging and enjoyable activity at all levels of pedagogy. The innovative Learning Management System helps teachers increase productivity for themselves, students, and the institution.

Technology plays a key role in promoting skill acquisition in today’s ultra-modern world. The skills teachers acquire today are the skills they will need to pass on while imparting education. So, it is important for institutions to inculcate practical and technological methods in empowering teachers and educating students.

Metaari Report The 2017 Global Learning Technology Investment Patterns

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