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How we deprive children of the physical activity they need
Young parents prefer a constant eye on their child for safety and protection. In the process, a child’s independence and confidence levels get hampered. With the help of a research study, this blog explains how continuous parental supervision is depriving today’s children from their essential physical activities.
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How do I keep my kids safe online?
Thanks to tech-savvy parents who now introduce children to multiple internet-enabled devices at a very young age. For academic purpose as well, children need to spend a lot of time on the internet. However, it is important that parents take care of their children’s internet usage. Read this blog for simple tips that ensure child safety on the internet.
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Experiencing a new culture through a child’s eyes
Aoi and Tetsu joined their mother Angelina for her Read’s Literacy Program related work at a school in Laos. The two brothers, 5-year old Aoi and 7-year old Tetsu did a photoshoot for the students without knowing the local language. For the entire photoshoot, the brothers and the students communicated using the humanitarian language of compassion.
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Interesting Trivia
● Opening of world’s first whale sanctuary in Iceland
Women can now drive in Saudi Arabia as part of Mission 2030
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