Gone are the days when you could find children eagerly devouring books, be it academic or non-academic. The current generation prefers to get all their information from a single source, the screen at the tip of their fingers. Be it for entertainment, information or any other need, they always prefer to turn to their omnipresent companions. But how does it impact the world of education? Should children always be burned by the weight of books and a schoolbag heavier than them?

This need not always necessarily be the case. We are now at a technologically advanced state that learning can actually be tailored to better appeal to the current generation. It can be packed into little digital heavy capsules for better absorption. Subscribing to a Learning Management System like LoveMySkool helps you do exactly that and much more. Given below are some ways in which a Learning Management System will help you in your academic journeys.

Say Hello! To Interactive Content

Vice of the digital era is that all of us have become extremely used to interactive content. This means that traditional long-form text will more often than not be frowned upon by the students. With LoveMySkool, you can collaborate, create and share rich content that best suits your students’ preferences. You no longer have to go by one standard textbook approach for all your students for years altogether.

 Hear that voice out

It is said that asking questions is the sign of an attentive child. But it might so happen in a classroom that an introverted child might find it difficult to ask questions or voice his/her opinions in the classroom. If provided the right platform, these kids might have the most interesting insights to share. Students who require additional help with classwork can also use this platform to contact their teachers. This extra personalised approach might be that extra push that makes all the difference in their lives.

 Don’t let the class tests become a test for you

When you have a large number of classes and a larger number of students to handle, it becomes almost a Herculean task to conduct and grade assignments and tests on time. Preparing the question papers, grading them, and providing the students with feedbacks right in time for the next assignment or test, it all seems like a never-ending process. With LoveMySkool, you can easily create your assignments and tests on the platform that supports a vast variety of question types. It also takes a major load off your chest by having features like auto grading, instant feedback, timed tests and insightful analytics.  Each class and each student will have different strong and weak points. By using the Analytics feature, you can get a comprehensive understanding of this and fine tune your classes to better suit the class’ needs.

 Have all your notes in one place

How often has it happened that you walked into a classroom but couldn’t form any recollection of where you had stopped in the previous class? Countless times, right? With LoveMySkool, you can create, distribute and manage lesson plans meaning that you no longer lose track of your previous lectures. It also helps you to link your notes and assignments and track the progress so that you can find all your necessary information in one place and will no longer have to scrounge in a million sheets of paper.

 Easy-peasy grading

Your assignments and tests are all graded and the lesson plans are in place. Now you have to compile it all and give a comprehensive report to your students. The Gradebook feature allows you to integrate the tests, assignments, student projects and discussion forums to help you allot the percentages and grades easily. It can also be customised to suit the needs of the various class and course levels, making your job much easier. The grades are all automatically calculated meaning you don’t have to burn the midnight oil in calculating them. You can also set your own Rubrics that suits your Institution’s standards. The Gradebooks can be published and printed by term, unit or year.

Attend to the class without losing time on attendance

No matter how hard you try or whichever method you adopt, you just cannot speed up taking the attendance. One way or the other, you will lose countless precious minutes doing the roll call. We help you to quickly take the attendance and also to send out notifications to the absentees.

 Need more content? We have you covered

Tired of the same old textbooks that have started to bore your students? Our Store provides you with a vast array of educational content that you can explore, discover and consume as per your preferences. You can either buy a content card that caught your fancy or an entire collection. To better judge whether the content is in lines with what you were seeking, we offer you to have a preview before making the final purchase.

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