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LoveMySkool is a digital learning community that facilitates collaboration among educators, students, and parents with the aim to build a brighter future. This cloud-based learning management system helps schools deliver personalized learning, implementing pedagogical models and connect students. Integrating LoveMySkool is a step towards online learning environment with unlimited customization opportunities.

Multi-Campus Support

Connects chain of schools with one click
Multi-campus schools are playing a significant role in the education sector. LoveMySkool connects multi-campus schools through one centralized platform. Educators can easily share academic content across branches of the school using LoveMySkool.


Supports easy and fast communication
LoveMySkool supports secure and uninterrupted communication between teachers, parents and students. It offers different digitized channels of communication such as wall posts, manual & auto announcements, emergency messages, discussion forums, internal emails and more. These can be used to communicate facts, ideas, concerns, and opinions.

User-friendly design

A comfortable and secure user experience for all
The user-friendly modern design of LoveMySkool makes it highly intuitive for the users. Streamlined navigation path, content organization and group related features simplify online learning. Schools can now gain their competitive edge using LoveMySkool.
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