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LoveMySkool aims to enhance the learning experience and outcome of students with their innovative learning management system. The advanced functionalities of this cloud-based digital platform help students with self-paced and effective learning at their own comfort. The centralized platform of LoveMySkool can be accessed 24/7 by students, teachers, institutes, and parents from their preferred location to nurture the present academic ecosystem.

Content Consumption

Simplified academic content consumption
As teachers and edupreneurs can upload varied kinds of academic content in the LoveMySkool portal, students can access the same with simple clicks. Multimedia content in text, image, audio and video format can be browsed using keywords of the topic or course they intend to learn. Students can mark topics as they complete or save for later as well.

Student Projects

Collaborated project works
LoveMySkool is designed to let students create their projects and make submissions on the platform itself. To encourage online peer interaction, it supports collaborative project work with the aim to make learning a fun activity for all. Students can explore the host of reference videos and images of LoveMySkool while working on their projects.

Online Tests

Categorized online assessment and evaluation
To stand at par with conventional classroom system, this e-learning software allows students to appear for exams online. Online tests can be in the form of Timed Tests that start and end at a specific time or as Practice Tests that can be taken any time. Teachers can evaluate and grade each student on the same platform.


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