4 Reasons Why Mobile Learning is the future of Education?

Today Mobile apps like Google assistant, SIRI and Alexa have defied teachers’ age-old saying that

you will not be carrying a calculator in your pocket for your whole life.

Today most of us carry mobile devices with more processing power than the computers used to launch Apollo 11.

Future careers have become more demanding in terms of skills. Education can no longer be just storing and sharing information, but it also has to help students understand what to do with that information.

Change is the Unchanged Law of Nature

Education can no longer be based on tests as the need to remember information has reduced drastically because of rapid advancement in technology. Live projects which will evaluate the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills of students will be the future.

Mobile learning is a cornerstone for this change, students can access information at a click. This change can be seen in learning management systems, as they are accommodating more features to facilitate students with their projects and also encouraging them to create projects for themselves.

Innovators of Tomorrow

Education so far has been a one-way process where a teacher delivered lessons and students took notes. Conventional Courses like Mathematics, Literature, and Science will still be taught, methodology and their utilization will be totally different.

Students will use the fundamental principles of all these courses but not in isolation. Students will need to utilize these principles together to solve problems in the real world. Thus, students will no longer be mere learners but innovators of the future. Mobile learning helps by bringing communities of students closer by reducing the gap of the physical world.

Transformation of Education with Learning Apps

Language has been a barrier for learners for ages, mobile apps like Grammarly which helps by correcting their work will improve their understanding of language. Mobile learning provides many such integrations for students for them to work with assistance from those plugins.

This is what mobile learning will be in the future, by letting students have a sandbox environment so they can learn from their mistakes right when they make them.

Utilizing technology

Currently, mobile learning is not an educational method but complementary to the conventional system. Students today take advantage of these apps at their own convenience, but it is still to follow the conventional pedagogy. Self-learning and self-paced learning are the positive aspects of Educational App learning.

By using cloud technology, a repository of content can be stored and retrieved universally. It aids teachers to share learning material such as images, documents, videos, podcasts, etc online which can be accessed by all the students on their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Educational Apps are the future of mobile learning, creating a space where physical boundaries between students and teachers will be blurred. The fundamental thing is: Education will always exist; it will just evolve with time.


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