Is Learning Management System right for you?

Up until the early 2000s, our Education System was restricted in the classrooms of students and a teacher which was considered as a typical learning process back then. But then, the Internet Happened and the rest is history.

In many ways, E-learning has matured as a technology and also as an Industry. The charts of Online learning or E-Learning has been on the straight rise and that is not really hard to see why. E-Learning Courses have become hugely popular by the simple virtue of being a lot more convenient than the old traditional face to face courses. And, now that affordable e-learning solutions exist it only takes a good e-learning tool for education to be facilitated from virtually anywhere.

What is LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System.

LMS helps you to deliver educational courses/training programs to your students or learn from the courses bought online by your mentors. Along with it, it also helps you to organize this content.

LMS is like an “engine” that helps to power the vehicle named “E-learning”.

Now As you are aware of what is LMS and how it works. You will definitely want to know if LMS is the most optimal tool for your education/business or not, right?

Well, anybody who is doing e-learning or is an instructor would be using LMS as a platform.

Although to give a raw list, organizations using LMS includes:

  1. Online and e-learning based educational institutes (online schools like Lynda or Coursera).
  2. Government agencies and local governments.
  3. Traditional Educational Institutes like schools and colleges.
  4. Businesses of all sizes, from large multinational companies to small businesses.

What are they using an LMS for?

The LMS can be used for learning purpose in various sectors including:-

  1. Education

The LMS is the most perfect fit for general educational offerings. This can be a school selling online lessons where students can learn from anywhere and at any time.

This can also be a business educating its clients or an NGO educating the general population about some social issue.

  1. Knowledge retention

Knowledge retention is another valuable factor that an LMS can provide.

This program ensures that the valuable information, skills, and tactics which the employee has given to the company for so many years are retained when that employee leaves the company or retires.

As you don’t want this information to just go in vain. LMS makes sure that this information can be used to train new recruits.

  1. Training the employees

In any company, there will be a constant need for surpassing new skills to existing employees or to train the new employees.

With an LMS, you can cut down the costs of bringing specialized instructors to train the employees and could also avoid the business disruptions associated with traditional learning and make the employees learn on their own by the material provided online at their own pace. This way the employees will be able to grasp more in less time.

With an LMS, the insights of employee’s progress can be valuable.

  1. Orientation

The tasks of onboarding the new hire can be automated by LMS.

This includes the information about the working of the company, their code of conduct, privacy guidelines and other policies.

An onboarding course also includes all the formal set of instructions that are usually lost somewhere in the bigger picture. Along with all the roles and responsibilities of the employees.

So, these are few of the several benefits which you can get by using a Learning Management System.

We hope that the above-mentioned factors will help you make an informed decision.



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