Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions that every Teacher should Install

Teachers everywhere around always find difficulties in managing and completing their work. This perhaps consumes a lot of time for most of the teachers. They need a much faster, effective and easier way to get their job done. There are some amazing tools right at the fingertips which can do this for them, making it more fun and easy at the same time. These are the google extensions which can be installed into your chrome browser and can be accessed by the click of a button.

Below are the Top 5 most useful chrome extensions for the teachers which not only makes your work lightweight but also brings fun to it.


  1. EasyBib

Citations and Bibliography becomes a very essential thing when it comes to academia. It is required by both teachers and students. Thus, it is a good practice to write research papers with citations from credible sources. EasyBib is a powerful citation tool for anyone. This extension will help cite sources and create cited pages. It is the world’s largest bibliography maker, making a fully-formatted, alphabetized and Word-Processor ready bibliography on a single click.


  1. Screencastify

Again a brilliant tool for quick demonstrations on how to do something on the computer.

Screencastify is the chrome’s most trusted screen recorder which can be used to capture, edit and share videos in seconds. This can be used by teachers for creating short instructional videos for students rather than instructing them orally or in writing. This perhaps will give a clear idea to students.

  1. Auto Text Expander

Auto Text Expander makes it easier for teachers to type in shortcuts for long texts in Emails. Say, for instance, if you want to write ‘Thank You for your feedback’ many times in response to parents or students’ suggestions. With Auto Text Expander you can create your own shortcut like ‘tq’ which will automatically insert the text you would like. This will help you with writing and answering your emails efficiently.

  1. Pocket

Pocket allows you to save videos, websites, and articles that you would wish to revisit again. On logging into Pocket, you can see all the websites, videos and articles that you have saved for future reference.  With just one click, all the content that you have collected appears in a clean and different space. Pocket can be as your personal friend with whom you want to spend quality time with, reading stories that really matter to you.

  1. Grammarly

Let’s be honest, We all need to check our spellings and grammar very often, which indeed is a very tedious task to do. Don’t worry, Grammarly will do this for you. Grammarly extension revises the text you type in Chrome. It suggests corrections for you to make your spellings and your grammar better. It also provides an explanation with alternative options to choose from. Grammarly is one of the most widely used tools in the world, as it is proved to be beneficial for everyone.

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