Introducing LoveMySkool’s Flashcard Feature

Have you ever come across a problem in your learning efforts that you simply have to deal with the facts as they are, which perhaps includes history questions, chemical equations, physical and mathematical formulae, etc which you cannot really afford to skip?

I bet you do.

 And that is the part of our studies which most of us hate doing. And we often go for skipping those parts too, right?

Knowing what repercussions it’s going to lead us to.

Well, Don’t worry

LoveMySkool’s Flashcards to the Rescue.

As we all know that Flashcards are the text-based quiz cards which can be used for learning essential information which is else not easily rememberable, creating a lot better visual experience for students.

This, in turn, is a much clever way of dealing with the details.

The flashcard feature makes this tedious work of memorizing stuff extremely simple for students by generating Flashcards from the question bank provided by their instructors.

The idea here is to promote self-learning where the students can skim through the flashcards and go through the various kinds of questions on any topic they want to learn.

The flashcards allow the students to:-

#1 Flipping

If the student is willing to know the answer then he/she can flip the flashcard and read the answer.

#2 Explanation

The button on the top right of the flashcard is for accessing the detailed explanation about the answer to that particular question.

#3 Test your knowledge

Students now can easily take their self-quizzes and self-evaluate themselves.

Flashcards have proven themselves to be the perfect memory boosters time and again, with lots of other successful students who have realized the power it holds.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start with our Flash Card Feature now!