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Teachers associated with online teaching often find the technologies involved very challenging to use. LoveMySkool aims to simplify most of the work for teachers like scheduling classes, taking attendance, planning exams, distributing study materials, conducting classes, coordinating with parents and reviewing student progress. Using this cloud-based platform, teachers can take a step forward towards personalized online learning anytime and from anywhere.

Grading & GradeBook

Automated grading with rubrics
One of the most important tasks for teachers is to review and grade students after exams. LoveMySkool automates the process of grading and makes the job less time-consuming. Teachers also get actionable analytics indicating which concepts need to be revisited.
The multiple rubric system of the platform helps teachers to evaluate the performance of students consistently and impartially. For formative and summative assessments, GradeBooks can also be published and printed using LoveMySkool.

Lesson Plans

Customized lesson planning
Lesson planning is an everyday task for a teacher. Efficient teachers plan each of their classroom sessions, set weekly goals and accomplish annual targets to maintain their teaching standards. LoveMySkool contributes to this by letting teachers arrange and save their classroom resources according to dates, classes or terms. When teachers pre-plan their lessons, classrooms sessions become more interactive.

Discussion Forums

Direct communication between teachers and students
For a healthy classroom session, it is important that teachers and students both get to listen to each other’s views. To facilitate this, teachers can post topics open to discussion and encourage students to present their views/concerns in a Discussion Forum. The keywords for the Discussion Forum help the students browse related content.

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