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Handwriting Matters: The Importance of Good Handwriting
By Aonepape
Even in today’s era of keyboarding, good handwriting has its own charm. From boosting a child’s grades to getting a good job with a handwritten bio-data – handwriting can be the key to your success.
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5 Teaching Strategies to Increase Student Participation
By Janelle Cox
Participation is normally what we expect from students, but it is never that simple. To make classroom discussions more interesting, these strategies can be implemented.
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9 Ways to Use Visual Thinking via Mind Maps for Making Learning Fun for Kids
By Maneesh Dutt [Guest Author]
The visual thinking tool for students to get better results, improve their memory and make them more creative.
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Interesting Trivia
● Fiery Lava from Kilauea Volcano Erupts on Hawaii’s Big Island.
● TheWorld’s Rarest Ape is on The Brink of Extinction.
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