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9 Ways That Digital Age Teachers Sharpen Their Skills
Technological renaissance is becoming the paradox for today’s education system. It is essential for the contemporary teachers to adapt to the digitized education era and develop their skills likewise. To assist teachers to get accustomed to this dynamic change, here are simple nine methods that can help become better in their profession.
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Classroom Management to Discover Student Strengths
Teachers play a key role to encourage children perform well in academics. Teachers can help students discover the best of their potential and strength with these classroom management tips. Crafted by experienced professionals of the academic industry, these classroom management strategies work for all ages and kinds of students.
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An incredible way to do maths: finger calculations the Indian way
Help your child get rid of the fear of maths with simple finger calculation tips. Students on learning these abacus-like finger calculations are performing brilliant in maths. Learning finger maths calculation lets students avoid calculators, computers or mobile phones and solve complex math problems faster.
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● School where refugees are the teachers
Robotex International Festival to be held at Tallinn by Estonians to redefine global    robotics education
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